Donuts and Rolls: Cake and raised donuts are offered with everything from icing to sprinkles to nuts to graham crackers – with more changed or added daily.  It’s always a bit of an adventure to walk into the bakery and find out what is offered that day!  If you don’t see what you want already made in the display, feel free to ASK.  We are honored to make someone smile with a custom-made donut or roll! Our menu is constantly changing but our recipes for our donuts and breads are time-honored and will never change…only what goes on/in them changes to meet the needs of those with a hankering.  JP’s twists are the BOMB and usually the first to sell out quickly, along with the Long Johns (a.k.a Maple Bar, Chocolate Bar, Eclair, Cream Bar).  Feel free to call ahead (early) to put in your request and we will be HAPPY to hold something for you!

Breads: Our breads are offered at the Kimball Bakery and at Kimball’s grocery, Mainstreet Market, 815 3rd Street, eight blocks east of our only stoplight in town. Offered at the market are sliced bread, hamburger and hotdog buns, dinner rolls, pull-apart loaves, French bread and more. Our display is found by the deli. We also frequently accept custom orders for restaurants and individuals – for weddings, benefits, personal use and other occasions. Call to place an order with us today.

Cabbage Burgers: We are now making cabbage burgers on occasion, using the original Kimball Bakery recipe! Call to see when we are making our next batch!

Cupcakes: Our custom cupcakes are available by special order with some also being available at the Bakery depending on the day – follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings at the Bakery! Check out our gallery of cupcakes and other treats on the Merrycakes page. Whether simple or complex, my goal is to ALWAYS produce the cupcake that will be super yummy AND beautiful. I want your cupcakes to meet your expectations for whatever occasion you are celebrating or if you are stashing a few in the freezer for an occasional self-care treat. Cupcake prices start at $2 each with discounts for quantities above three dozen. A $2 cupcake includes the cake flavor of your choice (excluding marbled cakes) and one color of frosting and some pretty sprinkles. For more complex cupcakes, (meaning multiple flavors, more complex design, etc,) prices increase from $2 and are priced for each order. I can’t WAIT to see what you want me to design for you!! (A week advance notice is appreciated but not required.)

Cookies: Cookies are available by special order and occasionally in the showcase. One of my loves is custom cut-out sugar cookies for any occasion (or again, just for your own personal stash!). I make all things cookies!! Any cookies you could request, from chocolate chip to ginger to custom-made detailed sugar cookies. Again, check out the gallery on the Merrycakes page for some of my work. My goal with my cookies is the SAME as for my cupcakes….YUMMY and BEAUTIFUL! (Again, a week advance notice is appreciated but not required.)

Brownies: Available at the Bakery daily unless sold out, which happens frequently! Come early or call us to place an order.

Beverages: Hot coffee is available during business hours as well as cold milk, juices, teas, water and soda.

Coming attractions: Coming soon to a Bakery near you is a Froyo machine with TOPPINGS! We will also be offering healthier choices to our menu, such as granola bars and protein bars.  Also coming soon are Pupcakes (dog treats) and horse treats!

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