Custom cupcakes, cakes, and cookies made to order! Whether simple or complex, my goal is to ALWAYS produce treats that will be super yummy AND beautiful.  I want your order to meet your expectations for whatever occasion you are celebrating – or if you are just stashing a few in the freezer for an occasional self-care treat.

Cupcake prices start at $2 each with discounts for quantity above three dozen.  The $2 cupcake includes the cake flavor of your choice (excluding marbled cakes) and one color of frosting and some pretty sprinkles.  For more complex cupcakes, (meaning multiple flavors, more complex design, etc,)  prices increase from $2 and are priced for each order.  Cakes and cookies are priced per order. Please order ahead – a week’s advanced notice is appreciated but not required.

I can’t WAIT to see what you want me to design for you!!

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